The 3D stadiums that Media219 provide for the Premier League have taken on many forms over the years. For the start of the 2019/20 season we wanted to elevate them into a more modern feel.
After months of research and planning we settled on a ‘slab’ approach. 
We set about recreating the same square sized slab for all Premier League clubs, dropping the stadium into the centre and creating a perfect cityscape around it.
This certainly proved to be a challenging project with many fact finding missions to solve problems and issues.
The end result works on different levels. We have made short and long versions of the stadium animations. The longer ones act as info graphics, placing the stadium on the UK map before flipping to reveal the stadium in all its glory. The shorter animations serve as stings for upcoming matches.
A fun project and a lot of man power goes into the end results. Media219 can thank a talented team in taking the idea from a sketchy idea to a wonderful final presentation of each stadium.
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