Two years on from the wonderful experience of working with John McKenna and Jump design, Media219 again helped them both create another stunning title sequence, this time for ITV’s World Cup coverage.
These titles presented a whole new range of challenges. Shot on 4K in the studio, during the edit we were able to zoom into specific parts of the frame to make sure we had options when creating the frames which we would need to then hand over to Jump for them to add their graphical elements.
The edit on this was a difficult one as the use of graphics was an evolving process and the edit had to be tweaked many times to allow more space or time for the graphical overlay to do what was needed.
It was a great experience again working with the talents of John and Jump and to make it even better, the title sequence went on to win two awards. This time winning a Sportel Golden Podium and an RTS Award.

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