Media219 were lucky enough to work with a very creative team for the title sequence for ITV’s coverage of the European Championships in 2008. Director John McKenna dreamt up a wonderful title sequence that was a joy to edit.
Set to the music of “Queen of the night” aria from Mozart’s most famous opera, The Magic Flute, John shot singer Natasha Marsh and a small orchestra in the studio, knowing that the final edit would then be handed over to Jump design to weave their magic.
The shoot was a complicated one, with many takes including lots of super slo motion cameras. This created a challenging edit which lasted two days. With John’s ability to read music and Media219’s creative editing, the edit was then passed onto Jump who inserted graphical layers over the top to create a stunning title sequence that ran the length of the summer tournament in Austria.
The video below shows how much the original edit changed once Jump took over and added their creative graphics.
To cap off a great project, the title sequence won a Sportel Golden Podium.
The video below is the song being sung with the orchestra in its full glory before the teams were let loose adding graphics.
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