Media219 have been in the business of television since the early 1990’s.

When it comes to making programmes, Media219 has a wealth of experience. From multi-camera outside broadcasts to quick turnaround high energy magazine shows, from designing the simplest on screen graphics that last seconds to designing complex graphics that have to last many years of repeat viewing, from working in huge teams on the largest sporting events to being solely responsible for the creation of a programme from start to finish.

No job is too small, no budget too small or large and the end result is a quality product that goes to air and meets the highest production values This ensures the client gets the programme or content they wanted.

Working on such a varied portfolio of programming gives Media219 the perfect background and knowledge base to handle any requests. When we first started, the main focus of our day to day operations were handling cameras outside of 10 Downing Street or recording musicians on stage in front of over 100,000 screaming fans. Then we moved into editing fast turnaround magazine shows that demanded only the most creative approach and often working to the most impossible deadlines. Nowadays we focus our attention on the graphical side of television, where we go from creating high end programme titles to producing start to end graphical packages for on screen use.

As most of the content created is seen by viewers all around the World, Media219 understands perfectly how the distribution of programmes to every corner of the World creates its own problems and how to ensure those problems are dealt with effortlessly.

Over the years we have had the pleasure to work alongside some of the most talented individuals and companies around the World.