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Premier League Wipe

It may not sound like something that really needs much thought or design, yet getting the replay wipe right for the Worldwide feed for all Premier League matches for the 2016/17 season was not the easiest of challenges.

First up, what speed? What are the requirements of the different OB’s around the UK? Who do we need the wipe to work – can it be an elaborate wipe or do we need a point where the wipe goes full screen for one frame to help various production issues?

In the end, we settled on a simple wipe that did go full screen for a single frame, so the cut point to any replays could happen seamlessly behind the wipe. Also the wipe was created in UHD and HD and supplied to the various outside broadcast units that are all responsible for covering the 360 matches that go on during a single season.

The design was also kept simple to keep on brand with the new Premier League brand that was launched in the same week.