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Premier League Legends

Premier League Legends is a high end series of half hour programmes that probed deep into the true personalities of the most respected footballers to have graced the Premier League.

Planning of the titles was simple. We decided that the focus of the titles should be clear and simple. We should see shots of the players that would be featured in the series, with the final shot revealing who would be featured in the show being aired.

What started off as a good timeframe to create the titles quickly turned into a quick turnaround job. A delay filming the final contributor in the series meant that the final interview was shot just days before the first programme was due to air.

The clips were all treated in After Effects with some background plates created in Photoshop.

One of the nice elements of the titles is that the music bed was laid down as the editing for the shows was being done, so this was used to edit the head shots of the players to make sure all the cuts worked perfectly.

The first series of “Legends” proved to be a huge success and the shows can still be seen on sports channels around the World to this day.