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MLS Rebrand

For the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons, Media219 were delighted to be given the task of rebranding the MLS Worldwide coverage of their match graphics package.

Every aspect of the in-game coverage was redesigned and updated.

The design focussed on the 45 degree lines that are the key to the MLS logo. From this, we developed all the graphics based on what we called our ‘Wedge”. This wedge became the placeholder for team badges, then by using multiple wedges together, we created all the other graphics that would be needed.

Delivery of the final elements had to cater for the various broadcast standards around the World, so every graphic was generated in a format that would satisfy all broadcasters. In addition the facility for any broadcaster to add their own text in any language had to be considered.

By the time Media219 had finished the design and delivery stage, over 1 million assets had been generated and distributed to broadcasters all around the World.