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Match Pack features

One of the most challenging programmes Media219 have been involved with has to be Match Pack. From it’s inception back in 2013, the premise of the programme was to offer up a different take on the forthcoming round of Premier League matches by looking at the statistics behind the teams, managers and players.

The biggest challenge was to create a look for the programme that would constantly engage the viewer and not look stale.

With the advent of Playstation, XBox and the Internet, there was fast becoming a huge wealth of quality content that any football fan could dive into and see quality statistical information in a very engaging manner.

To stay on top of constantly changing designs in these and social media was a tough challenge. Then take into consideration that for the programme itself, there are usually three features that run around 4 minutes in duration. Each of these features was born on a Tuesday morning as a blank After Effects project. Then in the space of two days, the four minute feature would be created from start to finish and be fully rendered. It is no small feat. Even with players being sold, moved on and manager sackings, the features would be updated prior to playout on a Thursday afternoon.

Media219 celebrated it’s 100th Match Pack programme in 2016. Not only were they involved in the creation of one of the features in the programme, but they also looked after the design and look of the programme from start to finish, as well as all editing that the programme needed to go to air.